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Hip Cities - NYT

Se você ainda não percebeu, eu te conto: adoro uma lista. Adoro um top 5, top 10, top 100... e já que minha cidade natal nunca aparece em ranking nenhum (também, pudera!), vou puxar a sardinha pra minha cidade adotiva.

Montreal makes NYT list of "hip" cities

"Montreal's long, cold winters may not be for the meek, but a recent New York Times list of Hip Cities has turned snow days into an advantage, citing La Belle Ville's weather as part of the reason for its "real soul" and impressive underground network.
Factor in a strong European influence, topnotch cuisine and vibrant arts, cultural and nightlife scene, and you've got a city primed for the needs of what the article calls a "prosperous global middle class".
The report is part of a special business survey on cities that are attracting droves of the young, skilled and talented thanks to a combination of quality of life factors, work opportunities and smart city management.
It's the combination of these unique elements that gives each city a "hip vibe" and makes them desirable places to live.
With heavy hitters like Shanghai, Berlin, and Barcelona on the list, Montreal figures proudly as the only North American city to make the cut.
The paper cites the city's French and North American mix, low living costs, bilingualism, and long winter evenings at the head of its charms, adding that the weather has forced residents to be creative about ways to keep warm and active during the lengthy winter months.
Parc Jean-Drapeau 
In particular, the underground pedestrian footpaths connecting various commercial centres and the city's subterranean arts quarter garnered special notice.
Montreal's enthusiastic adoption of the Bixi public bicycle system garnered notice, as did the numerous city-sponsored community gardens and endless outdoor festivals, like the world class Montreal International Jazz Festival, which attracts 2.5 million music lovers each summer.
Other cities tapped as the wave of the future include: Santiago, Vilnius, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Auckland and Curitiba."
(The Canadian Press)
Viram só gente, Itu não entrou na lista (kkkkkk) mas Curitiba está representando o Brasil.
Obs: to ficando muito vaidosa com esse meu novo país adotivo sempre dando pinta nos rankings "bons" divulgados por aí. Mas no próximo post eu vou dar uma bronca no Canadá.


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